See A Hawk 2022: Tyreke Smith

Ohio State edge defender Tyreke Smith picked by the Seattle Seahawks in the 2022 NFL Draft

The Seahawks took until the fifth round of the 2022 NFL Draft before striking again to bolster the pass rush with another young piece of the puzzle. Boye Mafe is followed by Tyreke Smith, edge rusher from Ohio State University. He joins a talented group with a lot of potential, but it has yet to be tapped. Smith will definitely have to fight for playing time in his rookie season. As a fifth-round pick, it's not always easy to stand out.

This was shown in recent years by Edge defender Alton Robinson, who had to take a seat on the bench again and again despite good performances and statistically above-average values. 12s should not expect any miracles from Tyreke Smith in his first year. However, he should by no means be underestimated. Especially in a defensive line without real stars, like the Seahawks', it is always possible to play your way into the rotation.

In the "See A Hawk" section, we present Seattle Seahawks players - often draft newcomers - in a little more detail at irregular intervals.

EDGE Tyreke Smith

Brief information:

  • College: Ohio State (2018-2021)
  • Age: 22
  • Size: 191 cm
  • Weight: 115 kg
  • Arm length: 84 cm
  • Hand size: 26 cm
  • Draft: 5th round, pick no. 158

College Stats (2021):

  • Games: 10
  • Tackles: 26
  • Sacks: 3
  • Forced Fumbles: -


Career of Tyreke Smith

Tyreke Smith showed early on that he had the talent necessary for a career in professional sports. As a football player at Cleveland Heights High School, he was named Defensive Player of the Year. That same year, he was the highest scoring player on the school's basketball team.

Alongside Star Edge defender Chase Young, he wreaked havoc on opposing backfields in college at Ohio State. His numbers were never staggering, but he managed to improve year after year. He was then selected to the all-conference second team in 2021.

Tyreke Smith Video Analysis

Tyreke Smith is a man who stands out. He is directly involved in the action around the ball carrier in many plays where he is on the field. This is primarily due to his will to assert himself. In such cases, American analysts praise the "high motor" of a player, i.e. the constant play until the whistle blows. Pete Carroll, whose motto "Always compete" applies on the field until the whistle blows. Sometimes even beyond.

At Ohio State, Smith was the leading rusher after the departures of stars like Nick Bosa and Chase Young, but he couldn't compete with them in terms of numbers and talent. However, no one can definitely deny his effort. In 2020 and 2021 he achieved elite pressure numbers of over 20 percent. However, he has not yet been able to convert these into sacks on a regular basis.

Primarily used as an edge rusher, Smith was even rotated out of the formation on occasion in clear running situations. This first video shows that he is more versatile than the Buckeyes often used him. In no time at all he (No.11, lined up as LE) manages to overcome the right tackle with a quick move and stops the run already in the backfield.


Tyreke Smith's greatest strength

Nevertheless, his greatest strength lies in the pass rush. In particular, his effort, which has already been described above, is visible time and again. In the following video, he (No. 11, lined up below as OLB) manages to slip past the tackle with a lot of speed and bend and puts so much pressure on the opposing quarterback that he can no longer save the play. Another Buckeye takes advantage of Smith's pattern and completes for a sack.

These scenes in particular are indicative of the high pressure ratio, but the comparably manageable sacks.

Other strengths are his power and use of his hands. When Tyreke Smith manages to make a quick powerful hit at the beginning of the play, there are few offensive linemen who manage to recover from it. His handwork and the associated pass rush moves also shine here and there.

Tyreke Smith's Biggest Weakness

The biggest weakness that stood out on tape is probably his speed. Although Smith tries to get to the ball carrier in every situation, every now and then he is simply too slow to have any impact on the play. This impression is also confirmed by the numbers. Tyreke Smith ran for 40 yards in 4.86 seconds. Not a terrible number, but far from the best in the EDGE class. Team mate Boye Mafe, for example, ran a 4.53 and that with five kilos more on his ribs.

The second weakness he needs to work on is his counter moves. Although his hands are already quite well developed, he sometimes fails to break free from his block, clearly visible here in the video (no.11, bottom of the picture).

Conclusion on Tyreke Smith

The Seahawks are getting an experienced pass rusher in Tyreke Smith, who has steadily developed during his years at Ohio State. He is versatile against both the pass and the run and produced strong pressure numbers in college. It's now up to the Seahawks' coaches to convert those numbers into productivity as well. Smith is a promising prospect who should be able to make an impact in his first year on a rather limited defensive line such as Seattle's.