The already seemingly endless offseason feels even longer due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic - and it may not end any time soon. The training centres are slowly opening, but it will probably be a few more months before American football can be played in the NFL again. To shorten the time a little, the German Sea Hawkers have designed an app that can be used to simulate the roster cuts for the Seattle Seahawks. It goes online today!

Seahawks fans can now compile their individual 53-man squad for the 2020 season at The 90 players currently listed in Seattle's line-up are always available. New additions that have been confirmed by reliable sources will always be added, departures will be removed in a timely manner.

Individual specifications on position, experience, height and weight support player selection. The size of the individual position groups can be flexibly configured depending on the playing philosophy. An automatic counter helps to ensure that the squad limit is not exceeded.

The features:

  • Intuitive system and easy player selection with a click.
  • Setup in German and English.
  • Optimised for smartphone use in landscape format. (Use on desktop nevertheless recommended).
  • Multiple download and sharing options of the cadre (email, download, Facebook, Twitter).
  • Repeatable as often as desired.

This app was developed in large part by volunteers. Bugs and error messages are not excluded. The display can vary greatly from browser to browser and terminal to terminal. Please send constructive feedback - if possible with a screenshot or video - to

Let the roster cut predictions begin!

Forwarding to the app


  • Concept, design and project management: Maximilian Länge
  • Code: justinxyrel/Fiverr
  • Technical support: Simon Kell, Lukas Spieß