Ballhawks trailer

Was erwartet Euch bei den Ballhawks? In diesem Trailer erzählt Max B., welche Inhalte wir im GSH-Podcast regelmäßig auf Eure Ohren liefern.


Trailer Ballhawks

Podcasts have become an integral part of American football Germany. New projects are being created everywhere, involving NFL experts as well as fans and friends of leather ice. As one of the first NFL podcasts on the German market and the first fan club with audio coverage, we may not have been entirely uninvolved in this.

In August 2015, the German Sea Hawkers e.V. started their podcast adventure. That was five years ago now. In the meantime, 2×12=24 has become the Ballhawks Podcast. In short: a tricky name has become a crisp one. Two 12s talking about the Seattle Seahawks for 24 minutes (we actually didn't manage to be that short once) or looking for the Beast Mode Factor become two or sometimes three experts who can discuss their favourite team in a slightly less restricted way. In concrete terms, this means: the packaging changes, the content remains the same.

On this page we present you the podcast of the German Sea Hawkers e.V. With this we want to provide all fans of the greatest NFL team with regular information about the Seattle Seahawks, the National Football League and the fan club. During the season you can expect about 40 to 60 minutes of podcast per week, in the offseason with sometimes longer or shorter exceptions in greater intervals. Listen in!

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Auf der Index-Seite findet Ihr Informationen zu allen erschienenen Episoden und habt Zugriff auf das gesamte Archiv. Außerdem stellen wir Euch dort eine Rubrik vor, in der Ihr von Zeit zu Zeit immer wieder Euren persönlichen „Play Call“ abgeben könnt. Sagt uns Eure Meinung zu ständig wechselnden Themen. Wir freuen uns auf Eure inhaltliche Mitarbeit.

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