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GSH President: Lukas Spieß
GSH Media Officer: Maximilian Length (@hummelmax)


Mit ihren etwa 2.000 Mitgliedern sind die German Sea Hawkers der größte NFL-Fanklub im deutschsprachigen Raum. Innerhalb ihres „Sea Hawkers“-Dachverbandes in Seattle stellen sie über 10 Prozent der primär US-amerikanischen, aber weltweit vertretenen Mitgliedschaften. 

The German Sea Hawkers stand for a wide-ranging digital offering around the Seattle Seahawks. On germanseahawkers.com, the club provides daily updates on the NFL franchise, produces a podcast and informs over 30,000 followers about their favourite team via social media. Even a book about the Seahawks was written by the German Sea Hawkers.

The club also organises regular meetings, raises money for charitable causes and coordinates an annual group trip to Seattle, which took over 50 members to the Pacific Northwest metropolis in 2021.

With around 2,000 members, the German Sea Hawkers are the largest NFL fan club in German-speaking countries. Within their Seattle-based „Sea Hawkers“ umbrella organization, they represent over 10 percent of the primarily U.S.-based but international membership. 

The German Sea Hawkers stand for a wide-ranging digital offering around the Seattle Seahawks in the German language. At germanseahawkers.com, the club provides daily updates on what's happening with the NFL franchise, produces a podcast, and keeps the more than 30,000 followers informed about their favourite team via social media. Even a book about the Seahawks was created from within German Sea Hawkers circles.

In addition, the club organizes regular get-togethers, raises money for charitable causes, and coordinates an annual group trip to Seattle that brought more than 50 members to the Pacific Northwest metropolis in 2021.

Pressespiegel/Press Review:

neueste zuerst, Stand: 5. Juni 2022

Ty Dane Gonzalez reports in his text about the possibility of a guest game of the Seahawks in Germany.

For those counting at home, Seattle has a one-in-nine chance to make the trip, which would hold significant meaning for several reasons. One being the chance that linebacker and International Player Pathway Program beneficiary Aaron Donkor's incredible journey to the NFL could come full circle with a return to his home country. Another being the avid fan base that has grown for the team in Germany, as partly evidenced by the German Sea Hawkers community.

Philipp Forstner of TOUCHDOWN24 introduces the fan club in a short interview and then turns to the question of strengths and weaknesses of the Seahawks in the 2021 season.

Ty Dane Gonzalez also writes about the Seattle Seahawks' large fan base in Germany in his portrait of German linebacker Aaron Donkor.

For Donkor and the Seahawks, there was perhaps no better fit. Germany has long been a major part of the organisation's international fanbase, with outlets such as German Sea Hawkers building considerable followings over the years.

In a text about stars of sport who follow other sports, author André Winkelhagen writes, among other things, about footballer Claudio Pizarro, who is an enthusiastic supporter of the Seattle Seahawks. He quotes from an interview the Peruvian gave to the German Sea Hawkers:

Claudio Pizarro has also been infected with the NFL virus. The Peruvian is a Seattle Seahawks fan. In an interview with the franchise's German fan club, he said: "A few years ago, I was a guest in Seattle with Chelsea FC and we trained at the Seahawks' training ground. At the end of our visit, we each got a jersey with our name and number. I've been a Seahawks fan ever since!"


On match day in London, after their group photo in front of Wembley Stadium, members met ranNFL presenter Jan Stecker, who was preparing a few announcements for the game with his TV crew. This resulted in the following clip:

At a brunch in London organised by the Seattle Seahawks for the Sea Hawkers, representatives from all the chapters present were interviewed by Seahawks.com reporter John Boyle. Their tales appeared later that Saturday before the game at Wembley Stadium in a lively report from the fan scene on the ground on the island. As he had already done for the Seattle Times, Maximilian Länge was also allowed to report on the development of the German Sea Hawkers e.V..

Before the London Game 2018 between the Seattle Seahawks and the Oakland Raiders, fan club representatives spoke with reporter Mike Vorel from the Pacific Northwest's most prestigious newspaper, the Seattle Times. In his report from the British capital, he reports on the 12s - among them GSH founder Maximilian Länge - from all over the world, who always gathered in a pub in London in the days before the game.

For a news article on its own website, ran.de picked up and quoted from an interview we conducted with football star Claudio Pizarro (SV Werder Bremen).

"I visited Seattle with Chelsea FC a few years ago and we trained at the Seahawks' training ground. At the end of our visit, we each got a jersey with our name and number. I've been a Seahawks fan ever since!" says the 37-year-old in an interview with the fan club "German Sea Hawkers".

In an article published shortly before Super Bowl 50, Kai-Uwe Hülss writes about the boom of American football in Germany. We were also asked about this topic in advance and therefore became part of the article.

In addition to this event of the year, the relevance of the everyday work of the fan clubs based in Germany cannot be ignored. The German Sea Hawkers alone, who root for last year's Super Bowl participant and winner from Seattle, have more than 270 members in their ranks.

And then we got another picture from the German Sea Hawkers, a German Seahawks fan club. And they are actually in the stadium and managed to get the German flag with a Seahawk on it into the picture during the spectacular catch. I have to say - well done, it's really strong. So the German Sea Hawkers are in the stadium today.

Through tips from several viewers, the station became aware of our stadium banner, which was hung directly behind the end zone at the "Motherland" game (annual meeting of the Sea Hawkers) of the Seattle Seahawks against the Carolina Panthers in CenturyLink Field. Social media expert Christoph "Icke" Dommisch then talked about our fan club in detail and live on TV and the internet.


Stuart Court of the UK Sea Hawkers wrote an online piece about Seahawks fans in Europe and their annual trips to Seattle for the "Motherland" gathering:

The President of the chapter, Ian Smith, takes on what the UK Chapter does: "The UK chapter is the glue which holds the Seahawks 'nation' in Europe together. In the last 18 months membership numbers have doubled. From Iceland in the west to Nepal in the east have found their way onto the Facebook group (which at time of writing has 922 members). We recently lost the German contingent of the chapter as they set up their own Germany-based group and have now attained 'Chapter status'. All through the power of Facebook.

Author Hannes Hilbrecht writes in his online article about the growing popularity of American football in Germany and the sport's new, unprecedented TV presence. He had also contacted our fan club in advance:

In Germany, new fan clubs such as the German Seahawkers are forming and welcoming new members almost daily. At the two previous Super Bowls, Sat.1 achieved a market share of forty per cent in the advertising-relevant target group. Fittingly, offensive player Sebastian Vollmer was the first German to win the NFL title.

Livestream commentator Jörg Opuchlik mentioned the German Sea Hawkers during the NFC Championship Game broadcast on ran.de and told in approximate wording:

Yes, the Seahawks also have real fans, and in Germany there has even been a real and officially recognised fan club for some time now, the German Sea Hawkers. They were even mentioned in the Seattle Times last week, so reason enough to do it here too.

Author Jack Broom wrote an article about the Sea Hawkers Booster Club in the renowned Seattle Times and also tells about the founder of our German chapter:

The German club is headed by Stuttgart-area resident Max Lange, 22, who got hooked on NFL football when he saw a game live in London in 2012.
Although the Seahawks didn't play in that game, Lange met a Londoner who had started a Sea Hawkers chapter in England. Lange has since travelled to Seattle to see four games at CenturyLink Field, including this season's victories over the Oakland Raiders and New York Giants.