Die Rain City Redemption-Serie ist eine Reihe von Filmen, die sich mit den Seattle Seahawks unter Pete Carroll und dem Beginn einer neuen Ära nach Mike Holmgren beschäftigt. Der Bilderbuch-Aufstieg der Seahawks vom unscheinbaren NFL-Mitläufer zu einer der dominanten Franchises in der US-amerikanischen Profiliga wird in grandioser Weise von Macher William Cornell zusammengefasst. Vom unterschätzten Team im Nordwesten zum gefürchteten Titelanwärter, beim Schauen dieser Filme ist Gänsehaut garantiert.

Alle Informationen zur Serie gibt es unter http://www.raincityredemption.com.

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    • Die neue Episode mit dem Titel “Rain City Miracle” ist aktuell noch in der Produktion (Veröffentlichungsdatum ungewiss). William hat jedoch kurz vor den Playoffs folgendes kleines Video zusammengebastelt und damit schon wieder die Vorfreude bei uns geweckt:


      Außerdem schrieb er folgende Worte: “Following the loss to Carolina, I’ve received a ton of messages asking me whether or not I’m going to continue making videos in relation to RCR. So just to clear the air for those who are curious, I fully plan on continuing to make videos in the future regardless of where the team is at. A). I love the Seahawks. B). I love to edit video. Simple as that.
      RCM is still in progress of course (and looking great btw). Like every episode before it, it’s taken me a lot longer to complete than I had anticipated. It’s getting there nonetheless.
      As far as future episodes are concerned, I may wait to go back into full-on season episodes. That is, until there is an “ending” for lack of a better term. I fully expected the Hawks to win a SB once Russell Wilson came to town, but the fact of the matter is, I was very lucky in how things played out when it comes to the series! Some might not have picked up on this, but I ended Episode 3.2 hinting at winning SB XLVIII before it was even played in real life. I kinda rolled the dice on that one. Point is, I think I’m going to wait until we see an “ending” to the current redemption in progress before going back into the 2 hour episode thing (which I do see happening sooner than later btw). I’ve actually considered doing individual player episodes strictly covering the stories of Richard Sherman or Russell Wilson. Maybe a tribute to Marshawn Lynch and his story? I’m not sure yet. Once I release RCM, that decision will come. Regardless, the show will go on! Go Hawks!”

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